Convert Crib/Toddler Bed to Loft Bed/Play Area



When this Carter’s Just One Year 4-in-1 convertible crib was no longer being used as a bed, a little creativity and skill transformed it from a space-consuming piece of furniture to a versatile multi-functional play area.

The Loft Series introduced the idea of using the frame of a pre-constructed loft bed or bunk bed to build a dual-purpose sleep/play area to make the best use of the saying, ‘if you can’t build out, build up’.  Why buy a new bed frame and mattress when most cribs provide the same structure and strength?  While the above example is not actually being used as a sleeping space anymore, the mattress support rails have not been compromised nor have the holes been blocked in any way, allowing a mattress to easy be incorporated.  The upper deck is also appropriately spaced to be used as a sleeping area, giving the structure a lot a functionality and flexibility.



Anticipating that kids will hang on or hang from the curtain rod, a galvanized pipe was used to avoid bending, flexing, or any other possibly injury causing distortion.


The height of the side rails is about 33.5 inches– the extra inch and a half or so given by the 2×4 boards provides more head room.